Health and Safety Statement

Health and Safety Statement

This is the Health and Safety Statement of Mike’s Hikes.  It outlines my approach to health and safety on my hikes and walks.  Its intention is to help my hike[1] participants minimise the risk to their health and safety by choosing hikes within their capabilities (in terms of terrain and challenge), by wearing appropriate outdoor footwear and clothing, and by following my instructions during the event.  This statement also outlines how my health and safety policy will be implemented before and during hikes.

My health and safety responsibility to hike:

  • To keep my Remote Emergency Care (Level 3) first-aid qualification up to date.
  • On hikes (in the hills), to carry map and compass, GPS, first-aid kit, storm shelter, survival bag, whistle, and head torch (plus spare batteries).
  • To ensure the hike participants are wearing appropriate footwear and clothing.
  • To do a recce[2] prior to the event in the case of new routes.
  • To review the weather prior to the hike, and to alter the route if particularly adverse.
  • To follow (and encourage my members also to follow) the principles of Leave No Trace (org).
  • To encourage members to read Mountaineering Ireland’s Walk Safely
  • To keep the number of participants to a manageable size.
  • To require those who hike with me to be 18 or over (on safer city or parkland walks, a child (over 12 years) may attend (on request by the parent) if accompanied by a parent(s) provided they can maintain the pace).

Participants’ health and safety responsibility to hike:

  • To follow my guidance and instructions on hikes.
  • Not to partake in horseplay or pranks that might cause injury to themselves or to others.
  • To adhere to footwear and clothing requirements.
  • To choose hikes within their capabilities.
  • If on medication or suffering from, or recovering from any illness/injury, to consult their doctor before doing a hike.
  • If bringing a guest, to advise them of these participant responsibilities.


How health and safety policy will be implemented

  • The event description for my hikes will include:
    • Difficulty Level (Easy or Moderate or Strenuous or Very Difficult (or an interim value))
    • Distance, Overall Ascent, and Duration (approx. in each case)
    • Terrain(s)
    • Advice to bring food (or snacks) and sufficient water.
    • Hiking Boots requirement (excluding city historical walks)
    • Outdoor clothing recommendations


  • Hazardous Materials

On hikes, if I come across hazardous materials, or downed electrical cables, etc., I will direct my hike participants away from them and notify the relevant authority.

  • Alcohol and Drugs

It is not permissible to participate in hikes under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • First Aid

I will carry a first aid kit and keep my Remote Emergency Care (Level 3) qualification up to date.


[1] a walk that requires hiking boots

[2] reconnoitre

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