Lugnaquilla Summit

Sofa to Summit

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This is a 10 week programme to bring people (especially those new to hiking or those trying to regain fitness) to a certain level of hill-walking fitness and competence, while enjoying the outdoors. For those new to hiking I give some guidance re footwear/clothing for the outdoors, plus some map basics.

The programme will start with easy walks and over the 10 sessions move slowly through increasing levels of difficulty, in terms of distance, duration, and ascent, with the goal of being able to do a hike in excess of 10km and 500m of overall ascent, by the end of the 10 weeks.

It will involve 1 walk/hike per week. The hikes at the start will last between 1- 2 hours, with the more difficult ones towards the end of the 10 weeks, lasting 3-4 hours. The 10 sessions will include attending a Moonlight Walk, to familiarise you using a head torch, etc. For the final walk, you will hike one of the regular Saturday afternoon hikes, to meet the 10k and 500m overall ascent target.

Fee for 10-week prog.: €60

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